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Petty cool drone sequence

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1Petty cool drone sequence Empty Petty cool drone sequence on 3/7/2016, 3:41 pm



2Petty cool drone sequence Empty WOW !! on 3/8/2016, 9:27 am


WOW !!What a Face What a Face

That was fantastic, The drones must have all been flying a pre-programmed GPS flight  plan. I notice INTEL was involved so it would seem logical, all they would have had to do is set way points with "go to" code.

Hey Steve any news on Dave ?


3Petty cool drone sequence Empty Re: Petty cool drone sequence on 3/8/2016, 9:53 am

Roger Beltmann

Night skeet shooting? Hey Tom. I left a message on Daves home phone yesterday. No response.

4Petty cool drone sequence Empty Thanks Roger on 3/8/2016, 11:27 am


Hey Roger B- thanks for the update. Dave has some scary stuff ( blood clots in lungs) I just wanted make sure I had not missed any updates.

Looking forward to flying with you this season.


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