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Field Report 04/27/13

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1Field Report 04/27/13 Empty Field Report 04/27/13 on 4/27/2013, 1:53 pm


Hi Guys:

Well went out to the field today to limber up the thumbs.

When I got there I parked at the road and walked the field to check conditions. Happy to say it has dried out dramatically. Parking area is firm, frost heaving is all gone. I pulled up to the east end of the fence and got to it. There are a few tire tracks in the area from sometime earlier, very small tires probably 1.95'or so.

Spent about 2 hours and 4-flights, my old Slowpoke didn't let me down. The wind started to come up a little out of the SW so I called it a day.

Anyway just wanted to give a field condition report.


2Field Report 04/27/13 Empty Re: Field Report 04/27/13 on 4/27/2013, 3:06 pm


Thanks Tom. Am going to try tomorrow.

3Field Report 04/27/13 Empty Re: Field Report 04/27/13 on 4/27/2013, 3:13 pm


rwcd wrote:Thanks Tom. Am going to try tomorrow.

Hi Roger- yeah I think I will go out also. Suppose to be very nice with low winds. Hope to see there, by the way good to see your lttle 3-channel do it's thing. That was a great landing, all of my 3-channel stuff looked like was flying a galloping ghost escapement with three turns left in the rubber band.


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