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Suprise- Suprise

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1Suprise- Suprise Empty Suprise- Suprise on 4/7/2013, 12:09 pm


Hi Guys:

Well Suprise-Suprise affraid affraid , I went to the field this morning with all good intentions of driving in and parking on the road and walking to my table and flying my Old Slowpoke Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy !

The suprise is our lock is gone. Couldn't get in. Called Dave and he said the City cut off extra locks for some reason. So Dave said he was aware of it and we have to get a new lock.

He thought we would need all new keys also- not so. A new lock can be keyed to our present keys. Dave will pursue this.

Hey Scott- someone DROVE into the parking area on the field and cut ruts- NOT ME !

Lets get flying guys.


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