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Happy Veterans Day

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1Happy Veterans Day  Empty Happy Veterans Day on 11/11/2017, 5:57 pm


Just wanted to say thank you to all of our Veterans. Hats off to all. Thank you. Smile Smile Smile

2Happy Veterans Day  Empty Re: Happy Veterans Day on 11/11/2017, 6:07 pm


Thank you, Rob.

3Happy Veterans Day  Empty From A Korean War Vet on 11/12/2017, 11:04 am


Thank you Rob from a Korean War Vet  Smile  Smile  Smile  . They called it the "Korean Conflict" but from on the river and coast patrols it looked a lot like a war to me  : Shocked  Shocked  Shocked

Rob on a personal note, another "Thank You" for all you do for our club and consistent concern for your fellow man, you are a great example of what it means to be a "Great American" , I salute you .   cheers  cheers  cheers


4Happy Veterans Day  Empty Re: Happy Veterans Day on 11/12/2017, 6:48 pm


Thanks Tom. My late grandpa was in the Korean War also. Don't know much about his experience other than he drove a supply truck. He did tell me that if wouldn't have been for my grandma, he probably would have reinlisted to travel and see Europe.

I believe that my dads grandpa was in WW I. A couple years ago when helping cleaning out my grandma's house he showed me his uniform. Pretty neat piece of history.

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